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Make it a maple holiday: The sweetest gifts include maple syrup



Make it a maple holiday: The sweetest gifts include maple syrup

The holidays are creeping closer and this year we are all looking for the perfect local gift that will brighten the day of someone we care about. After a year of COVID-19 and shortages and lockdowns, this is the year where we can all use a sweet maple pick-me-up.

A gift that includes maple syrup is one that speaks to the Canadian inside all of us. This is the gift that satisfies our bellies and reminds us of our history as one of Canada’s largest maple syrup-producing provinces.

As the holidays approach, reach out to find a maple syrup producer near you and order some of this sweet liquid gold to give to someone on your shopping list, or for your own cupboards. Read on for five maple gift ideas that everyone will love to give or receive.

Everyone loves a gift box

There’s so many more gift ideas that go beyond liquid maple syrup. Think maple butter, maple sugar, maple mustard, and yes, maple candy. If you think it will be hard to choose just one form of maple, you don’t have to. Give a gift box that offers a little bit of every kind of maple and satisfy someone’s sweet tooth in every way possible. Find a local producer near you and order one for pick-up or delivery.

Dig into maple

Pancakes were made for maple syrup. Rich and spongy, they are little round maple syrup sponges and we love to dig into a tall, steaming stack smothered in maple syrup at our favourite brunch spots. Gift someone with a meal out at your favourite restaurant and make sure they serve pure, local, Ontario maple syrup.

Gift the story of maple


If you have any kids on your list this Christmas, gift them with a piece of Canadian (and maple) history with this fun picture book titled The Maple Syrup Maker’s Alphabet. Gift a future maple syrup maker with a glimpse into the making of Canada’s iconic sweetener and know you’re doing your part in educating the next generation about our maple heritage.

Our favourite recipes, just for you


If you would love to incorporate maple syrup into your mealtimes but you’re not sure how, buy the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association’s recipe book, filled with favourite recipes handed down from generations of sugarmakers to create delicious maple-inspired dishes and desserts. You won’t run out of inspiration for what to do with your bottle of maple syrup with this recipe book. Recipe books are available from Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association (OMSPA) members and through the OMSPA website.

Skin smooth as maple


In Ontario, we love to use maple syrup in everything, including our skin care products. At Fulton’s Sugar Bush in Pakenham, Ontario, they created a whole line of maple products, called Maple Luscious, that moisturizes while giving off the sweet scent of the product’s maple secrets.