Springdale Maple Farm

Hosts: Don, Marion & Stephen Dodds

Dodds Family

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Springdale Farm Maple Products is a third generation family owned and operated mid-sized maple operation committed to the production of high quality maple syrup and maple products.

In 2009, Springdale Farm won the David Eaton World Champion Maple Syrup Award at the Royal Winter Fair. This championship maple syrup was presented to Prince Charles when he opened the Royal Winter Fair. Stephen Dodds, of Springdale Farm spoke with Prince Charles during the Prince’s tour of the fair.

In 2013 and 2015 Springdale Farm won the Corbett trophy at “The Royal” and the Premier Exhibitor trophy in 2013.

The Dodds family began making maple syrup on this property in 1917 when Harold Dodds purchased 200 acres of land from Hugh McIlraith. In 2004 a state of the art evaporator and a Reverse Osmosis equipment were installed to make the operation more viable. Specialties at our operation are our light syrup, maple butter, soft maple candy, maple granulated sugar and Marion’s maple fudge. Our maple products are available year round at our store at the farm.

We appreciate the support and help from son Bryan and his wife Lori and their family Kristen and her husband Eddy, Jennifer and Emily who are always willing to assist any time they can and also help us with the special functions.

Highlights for Your Visit

New for 2019 – Display and taste testing with Brian & Natasha of “Tasha’s Table”

  • Tasha’s Table is a small preserve company located in the Lanark Highlands.  They strive to grow as much as they can for their product line and collaborate with local makers to create unique flavours that transitions between the seasons.  We are proud that Tasha’s Table prepares our Maple Mustard using “Springdale Farm Maple Syrup”.
  • Variety of products by Tasha’s Table will be available for purchase
  • Free samples of Maple taffy ; maple fudge; maple syrup and other products
  • See the site of a pioneer saw pit and the location of the two previous sugar camps.
  • Coffee and maple treats.
  • Production facilities in operation, subject to the weather.


Springdale Maple Farm
1699 Galbraith Road (sugar camp)
1790 Galbraith Road (house)
Clayton, ON K0A 1P0
Telephone:  613-256-4045
Website:  www.springdalemaple.ca

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