Kallonen Maple Farm

Hosts: Kendra & Bob Kallonen

Kallonen Maple Farm is a family owned and operated hobby farm in its sixth year of operation. It sits on 47 acres of property in Puslinch Township, just outside of Cambridge. The first year of operation was treated as a test run for the Kallonen family to see if making maple syrup was something we would like to do. 25 taps were put in, all on the bucket system, and the sap was boiled over an outdoor, open fire using a four pan process before being finished on the stove inside the house. No syrup was sold that year, only given to friends and family.

In the second year, Harvey Weber of Weber Sugarbush helped us set up 200 taps using gravity fed tubes to transport the sap to the brand new sugar shack. A small evaporator was introduced to the process and the resulting syrup was sold to the public for the first time.

Year three brought us to the stage we are currently at which consists of 1200 taps using a combination of gravity fed tubing and vacuum pump. We introduced a new water jacket bottling system as well. As it is a hobby farm and we do not have the time or equipment to evaporate all of the sap we collect during the week, we have partnered with Dan and Heather Goetz of Shady Grove Maple Farm to evaporate the balance of the sap for us.

In 2016 we installed a lift to the maple storage and bottling room, making the movement of drums of syrup much easier. January 2017, we renovated the bottling room to improve this process.

Two trees still showcase the traditional bucket system for educational purposes. In 2015, we introduced tours and welcomed a few local seniors groups and kindergarten classes for hands-on tours of the maple syrup making process. It is rewarding to share our passion and the information the maple syrup producing community has so freely shared with us to others.

As spring turns to summer and syrup season is ended, we focus on forest management and anticipate what the next syrup season has in store for our family hobby.


Kallonen Maple Farm
4421 Sideroad 10 North (Puslinch)
Cambridge, ON  N3C 2V4
Telephone:  519-240-7035
Email: kallonenmaplefarm@gmail.com