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April 4-5 2020

Dorian Heights Maple Products

McDonalds Corners, Ontario

Hosts: Ian and Doris Gemmill

Syrup making is a Gemmill family tradition, started over 100 years ago. Each generation has seen the process change. From gathering buckets with horses and sleigh in William’s time, to pipeline running into tanks, gathered with tractor and wagon in Andrew’s era. Ian and Doris built a new camp in 1996, and have added vacuum to the pipeline, and gather with a truck which pulls a trailer with a mounted sap tank. Sap is hauled to the camp and boiled on an oil fired stainless steel evaporator and stainless steel finnisher. We boil each day that we gather, which ensures our best quality syrup.

Our products include Syrup, Butter(Cream),Candy, Granulated Sugar,Maple Mustard, Maple Dip Mix, Maple Pork Chop Mix.

Maple Weekend highlights

Take a walk down to the sap tanks to see where the sap is collected.

Tour the Sugar Camp and learn the steps from Sap to Syrup.

Try our free samples.

Coffee and Hot Chocolate.

Free recipe cards available.

We will be open from 10 am. to 4 pm. both days. Hope to see you then!


4449 Watsons Corners Road, McDonalds Corners, ON
613-278-2177 (Home), 613-264-7324 (Cell)