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Maple Weekend

April 4-5 2020

Golden Moment Farm

Athens, Ontario

Hosts: John and Norma Banford

Golden Moment Farm was established in 1997. We produce a top-quality maple syrup product that is 100% pure and natural; we raise Clydesdale horses and Golden Retriever dogs.

Golden Moment’s historical home, barn and the 350 acres is a bit like stepping back in time. Traditional values drive the management of Golden Moment Farm, where events such as Sunday night dinners with family & friends feature food that has been grown, canned or preserved on the farm.

Our Maple Syrup business…

We started our maple syrup business with a manual operation of 300 taps on an owner made arch and used boiling pans. Through the years we grew – learning and developing our practices; upgrading and installing processing equipment that met all necessary federal, provincial and organic standards.

We had grown our operation to involve 1200 buckets and a maple syrup evaporator which is stainless steel, lead free and considered one of the most environmentally friendly on the market. In 2014 we built a new sugar house which has lots of room for visitors to see the operation and learn about the maple syrup business.

In 2017 we started conversion towards to pipeline…so visitors to the farm get to see a traditional ‘bucket’ collection system and compare to a fully automated pipeline system. We will have some samples of our maple products available.

We would love to have you as a visitor! You can talk with John, Norma, and family who would love to share what they have learned through the years … You can take a walk out the main trail to see both the bucket system and the pipeline system in operation… and if we have sap we will be boiling so visitors will get to see the operation ‘working’.

We will be open on Saturday and Sunday 10 – 4pm. Coffee will be on!


140 Mother Barnes Rd, Athens ON