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Golden Treasure Maple

Trout Creek, Ontario

Hosts: Harry Kessels and Melanie Murphy

Golden Treasure Maple Syrup Products is a 16,000-tap operation located near the town of Trout Creek, Ontario, approximately 30 km west of Algonquin Park, in the heart of Northern Ontario. We started our maple farming journey in 2014 in l?mable, 30 km south of Algonquin Park, expanding from 1,250 to 4,000 taps in 2015. With the acquisition of Golden Treasure from Burghardt and Lisa Koch in 2018, we are figuratively embracing the Algonquin area with 20,000 taps covering 160 hectares of forest.

Maple sap is collected through 6 pump stations (3 in Trout Creek and 3 in l mable) and then transferred via pipeline to the sugar shacks for processing through a reverse osmosis system. The concentrate is boiled down to syrup through wood-fired, stainless steel evaporators. We produce every grade: Golden, Amber, Dark and Very Dark.

In the spring of 2019, we welcome you to visit our Trout Creek operation. Please visit our website for updates during the syrup season ?we?l keep you updated on how the sap is running!


250 Lingenfelters Rd., Trout Creek, ON