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APRIL 3-4, 2021

Maple Grove Syrup

Severn, Ontario

Hosts: Brent, Amy, Abigail and Charlotte Beers

In the small ‘ghost town’ of Uhthoff in Severn Township (just 12 km from downtown Orillia as the crow flies), you’ll come upon Maple Grove Syrup. Within this 50-acre sugar bush of towering maple trees, we produce 100% pure maple syrup on a traditional wood-fired evaporator. Our trees have produced high-quality maple syrup for generations.

We started producing maple syrup with 50 buckets and a large open fire. Today, our renovated sugar camp has a new 3×10 Dominion and Grimm evaporator. We operate with 800 to 900 taps: combining buckets, pipeline and tireless hard work involving the entire family. This includes our two young daughters and our beagle, Molly!

Spring — when the sap starts to run — is a time of great excitement for our family. We would love if you would come and enjoy syrup season with us!


2448 Burnside Line Severn, ON L3V 0W1