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O’Hara Sugar Maples

Madoc, Ontario

Hosts: Stephen & Heather Needham

O’Hara Sugar Maples is proudly owned and operated by Stephen & Heather along with their children Vanessa and Jager Needham.

Once you get to our gate you will see an old sleigh which was used for gathering sap and is now being used as a sign post.

Let the journey begin. You will drive about a half km through our sugar bush and under a sap main which is operated by vacuum.Weave your way through the beautiful woods and you will come to the sugar camp. Be sure to drive slowly and watch the sap lines closely to see if the sap is running. We are sure the sweet smell of fresh maple syrup will be in the air as you arrive.

Once inside you will see the most modern equipment being used in the maple industry. We are still wood fired but use a high efficiency arch which has very low emissions and virtually no smoke.

O’Hara Sugar Maples not only offers Pure Maple Syrup but many value added products as well, including maple butter, maple sugar candy and maple stirred sugar. We have in house specials, so be sure to ask. Plenty of room for sitting and visiting while we are boiling.

We hope to see you all this maple season!

The Needham Family


871 Harts Road, Madoc, ON
(613) 473-6780