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Rosefield Farms (Lintons Sugar House)

Roseneath, Ontario

Hosts: The Linton Family, Terry and Janet Linton, Apryl, Brad and Lindley, Eric and Taylor and The Patterson Family

Maple Syrup has been produced from the Sugar Bush at Linton Farms since the early 1900s and has been owned and operated by the Linton Family since 1957. Terry’s grandfather, Archie Linton produced maple syrup for his family at another location and during the “depression” made maple sugar to sell, or to barter. Terry’s father Leo produced maple syrup for his family until Terry and Janet took over the farm in 1982.

Syrup making continued as a hobby until 2000 and with the addition of a pipeline system the business became more serious. Don and Ita Patterson and their family purchased the adjacent property in 2004 and installed sap lines that delivers to the same sugar house. This was the start of an excellent business relationship. Currently all sap is collected with pipeline on vacuum, stored in stainless steel tanks. All transfer lines and processing equipment are also stainless steel.

The “Boiler Makers” produce a unique high quality “old fashioned” maple syrup in traditional wood fired evaporators. We currently have approximately two thousand taps and plan on a 10% annual increase.


194 Linton Road, Roseneath, ON