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APRIL 3-4, 2021

Sand Hills Maple Products (Saturday only)

Wellesley, Ontario

Hosts: John & Jeneve Wagler, William Wagler, Joseph Wagler

We built our sugar house in 2003 and started out with 300 pails. Over the years we have increased our numbers to 950 pails in 2010. We installed pipeline on vacuum in 2011 and increased our taps to 1100. As of 2018 we have 1500 taps. We installed an R.O in 2017 and continue to find ways to make quality syrup in the most efficient way. In 2018 we started our business known as Sand Hills Maple Products to include my two sons in the business. Our family has been producing maple syrup for 4 generations starting with my Grandfather Amos, my dad Norman (cooked in a neighbouring bush run by my brother David now), myself (John) and sons William & Joseph.

We hot pack all of our syrup in various sizes ranging from 4L to 50ml. We take pride in making quality maple syrup and hope to pass our knowledge and information down to future generations.

Hours: Saturday only


1270 Manser Rd. Wellesley ON N0B 2T0