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Snyder Heritage Farm

Bloomingdale, Ontario

Hosts: Kevin and Anne, Carl and Kathleen Snyder and Family

Maple Syrup has been a part of our history since the land was settled over 200 years ago. In 2010 we had 1250 buckets, and now our operation is approximately 3600 taps. Bush work is something we enjoy, tapping and harvestings trees, using best forest management practices. In the sugar house a Force 5 Wood Evaporator, cooks our sap.

With increased taps came increased marketing. Time and effort were put into designing a new label to help us market our Maple Syrup. We started to fill 1 L mason jars, and now 25% of our maple syrup crop is sold in mason jars. Yes mason jars! Certified organic in 2018!

In the spring we run a 4-H Maple Syrup Members Club for youth from 9 to 21 years old. Usually there are around 20 members in the club each year. We encourage them to try tapping tree’s at home and try making their own syrup. For our Achievement day the 4-H members will be sharing their knowledge of Maple syrup on the Saturday of Maple Weekend. Come ask them a question, it will be a good experience for everyone.


1445 Maple Bend Road, Bloomingdale, ON