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APRIL 3-4, 2021

Sweet Muskoka

Huntsville, Ontario

Hosts: Deanne and Brian O’Donoghue

Brian first experienced maple syrup as a young boy in Toronto, visiting the sugar making operation of a friend’s grandfather. He never forgot the experience. On moving to Muskoka in the late ‘70’s he began making his own syrup and has done so every year since. In 2005, he and his wife began making syrup at the Deerhurst sugar shack and demonstrating the process of collecting sap and syrup making to many resort guests and visitors.

The sugar bush at Deerhurst has been in production since the late 1800’s, with syrup originally collected from buckets by horse and sleigh and used for guests at the resort. Syrup is still made for resort guests as well as the visiting public however, the sap is now collected through a tubing system and boiled on a modern stainless steel evaporator.


101 Deerhurst Highland Dr., Huntsville, ON