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APRIL 3-4, 2021

Wagler Maple Products (Saturday only)

Wellesley, Ontario

Hosts: David & Roseanna Wagler

Maple Syrup has been in the Wagler family for nearly a century. David & Rosanna Wagler, owners and general managers of Wagler Maple Products have been operating the family business for the past nineteen years. They’ve carried on the business from David’s parents, becoming the third generation to make maple syrup.

In 2012 David & Rosanna built a new Maple syrup processing facility and became federally inspected. They have a passion for the product they create and are quickly expanding into many stores across. Southern Ontario, including many Sobeys’ and Foodlands’. They are eager to please their customers, going the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction. They are known for their exceptional taste and quality and look forward to bringing this great Canadian flavour to many more taste buds!

Hours: Saturday Only


2014 Perthline 56, Wellesley, ON N0B 2T0