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Maple Weekend

April 4-5 2020

Williams Farm

Wyebridge, Ontario

Hosts: The Williams Family; John and Suzanne, sons Jack and Oliver, parents Howard and Judith

Williams Farm is owned by John and Suzanne Williams. It’s operated by John with some help from the rest of the family, Kim Kerr, and several local staff members. John spent his teenage years helping his parents make syrup from 130 taps. That early experience created a passion for maple and it brought him back to making syrup in 2001. Now we have 3300 taps in 55 acres of maple bush located on the edge of the Wye Marsh, just south of Midland, ON.

Our trees produce thousands of litres of sap each day during the season. Pipelines bring the sap to two collection points and our 4000-litre tanker pulls the sap to the sugar house. The heart of our system is a modern wood-fired evaporator. Come and see it and the 1874 barn which houses it.

Feel the heat of the wood fire on your face as we stoke the evaporator. Taste warm, fresh syrup and enjoy the intense maple flavour of taffy on snow. Take a trip to our sugar bush and watch the sap pour into the tanks. You can also see a display of the latest maple syrup equipment and supplies as we are a maple equipment dealer.

Don’t forget to buy your supply of fresh syrup!

Maple Weekend highlights

Sample syrup and other maple products. Taffy on snow too!

Tour our sugar shack and see modern syrup production

Visit our sugar bush and learn about sap collection. Hike back if you like!

Syrup and a wide range of maple products available for purchase

Hours for maple weekend: 10 am to 4 pm


2193 Wood Rd, Tiny, ON L0K 2E1